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Vision and Mission


 Potrero’s learners strive to advocate for a safe, respectful, and responsible community while integrating 21st century skills, embracing innovation, and celebrating diversity. 


All Students will participate in a rigorous academic program.  All students’ learning needs will be met with appropriate support.
All Students will be respectful and responsible in a safe, supportive learning environment.
We will provide all students with 21st century skills to prepare them in becoming college and career ready, with an emphasis in English Language Acquisition and Fluency throughout our academic program. 


Potrero Elementary School is a dual language immersion school in grades TK-6. The 3 main goals of the program are to develop bilingualism/biliteracy in both English and Spanish, high academic achievement in English and Spanish, and sociocultural competence. Our program model is a 60/40 program in grades K-3 with 60% English and 40% Spanish. In grades 4-6th the program model is 50/50 program with instruction in English and Spanish each 50% of the day. English Language Arts and Math are taught in English. Spanish Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies are taught in Spanish. Our social/emotional program “Second Step” is taught in both languages. The benefits of this program include greater problem solving skills, increased metalinguistic awareness, multicultural awareness/appreciation, multicultural competence, higher academic achievement, and greater opportunities in a global job market where a second language gives them a competitive edge.